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Billy Ray's Chevrolet And Other Writings And Photographs From A Southern Appalachian Valley

Dave Turner

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FIRST EDITION © 2012 By Dave Turner (ISBN 978-0-557-48825-4). Download the Audio Book (audio excerpts below). Download includes Audio Book plus 46-page eBook in high-quality PDF with full-color photographs.

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The Song Billy Ray's Chevrolet

The main story in the book, Billy Ray's Chevrolet, inspired me to write a song by the same name that is included on my album Could Have Talked All Night. Listen in the player below. Buy the album here.
Now Available Here in Audio Book Download with Free Full-Color eBook

Billy Ray's Chevrolet And Other Writings And Photographs From A Southern Appalachian Valley
is a collection of writings and photographs by Dave Turner inspired by growing up and living in a Southern Appalachian Valley accessible by Riceville Road and Bull Creek Road east of Asheville, North Carolina. Some of the pieces are true stories, another is fiction, some are short contemplative reflections. Look inside the eBook by clicking on the thumbnail images below.

VIEW THE VIDEO with additional photographs and Dave's song Billy Ray's Chevrolet.

After you place your order, you'll receive an email with download links for your Audio Book including the eBook in high-quality PDF with color photographs. If you have any problems with your order, contact Dave direct at or 828-713-9206.
Reader Reviews

"Highly recommend "Billy Ray's Chevrolet," an ebook from college pal Dave Turner. It's a collection of writing and photographs "From a Southern Appalachian Valley." Dave's vivid childhood memories growing up near Asheville, his subtle insights and his gift for lyrical writing make for an enjoyable, if not all-too-brief read."
-Rodney Rogers, Greenville, SC

"I downloaded Dave's audio book and spent the last 50+ minutes in a wonderful solitude, filled with the prosaic excellence and imagery of a very talented and sensitive artist. I encourage you to participate in this experience."
-Bill McMillan, Naples, FL

"Dave, when I met you several years ago, I soon felt like I had known you forever. This is not too weird of a notion as we have mutual friends from our school days. I have loved your music from the first show I attended. Now your new e-book has opened up a new view of your writing for me. What a wonderful way to use technology to get your work out into the world. Your writing has a way of putting me right in the setting. Thank you for the bonus--your Could Have Talked All Night album. The music is a nice complement to the book. Amber River and of course, Billy Ray’s Chevrolet are favorites. Keep up the good work and don’t let the haters get you down. I look forward to seeing (and hearing) you soon."
-Ben Smith, Marshall, NC

"Dave, thanks so much for writing such a great comfortable book. I read it last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. What made it even better was the bonus music playing softly in the background. It was the perfect background sound for reading such great stories from you. I encourage everyone to download this just to partake in a couple hours of someone's art. Very well done. Thanks, Dave....what's next?"
-Gary Pipta, United States